Always Be Up to Date

ZPX Cloud focused on:
Your Information Availability

DRaaS solutions developed for always-on data capture, data protection and data readiness for frequent on-demand business resumption exercises and other orchestrated business outcomes.


Hybrid Flexibility

Capture, Provision, Orchestrate
from IBM Z to Cloud

Your hybrid IT ecosystem is architected to function as a cohesive enterprise of information flow. We will capture data replicas from any source and provision always-on, interconnected compute resources to enable You to automate repeatable business resumption strategies for potential application, cross-platform, or location-centric disruptions.


Simplify Your IT

Orchestrate Business Resumption Workflows

From the IBM Z to Cloud achieve consistent operational excellence in Your business resumption strategy. Data replication from any source or vendor aligned with always-on compute resources customized to Your specifications.


Ensure You Are Safe, Secure,

DRaaS built to Consume, Analyze, and Operationalize Your Data

Are You frustrated with DR being a defense only insurance policy? ZPX Cloud DRaaS solutions are designed to deliver unprecedented ROI by leveraging Your Always-on DR solution to support other mission critical business initiatives and outcomes 24x7x365: Cyber Protection, Business Intelligence, Test/Dev, Cloud enablement, and DR, completely isolated from production processing.


Increase Productivity & Improve Accessibility

Mitigate Risk and Fortify Data Integrity

ZPX Cloud DRaaS solutions are implemented in world-class, multi-platform, compliance verified data centers in strategic ‘Hyperscaler’ present geographies backed by a team with decades of hosting, cloud adoption, and DR experience. Your secure/encrypted Data replicas can be leveraged in our clean room to ensure a Cyber-analyzed, recallable, point in time ‘gold copy’ of Your data is always accessible.


Always Be Up to Date

Test Frequently, Anytime

Remote testing is available at yourconvenience. Test often as you like with flexible on-demand testing and24/7/365 support.


Hybrid Flexibility

Always-On Recovery System

The IBM system you need for recovery is secured in our data center, fully configured with your replicated data, ready for your use.


Simplify Your IT

Limit Data Loss

Always on, real-time data replication is monitored continuously. Changes made to production carry over to a recovery target.


Ensure You Are Safe, Secure,

Always-On Recovery System

The IBM system you need for recovery is secured in our data center, fully configured with your replicated data, ready for your use.


Increase Productivity & Improve Accessibility

IBM & Hybrid Experts

Solve all your IBM Power, mainframe and x86 disaster recovery needs with one managed services provider with the IBM-skilled personnel staffing you need.

Enterprise DRaaS Solutions from ZPX Cloud
Modern Chart for ZPX Cloud
Enterprise IT Systems



Evolving Recovery Solutions

  • Hot site testing is labor intensive
  • Commodity shared equipment
  • Constant Setup/Teardown
  • Oversubscribed resources
  • Cloud integration
  • Known configuration
  • System is always ready
  • Dedicated resources

Simplified Testing

  • Limited test time

  • Infrequent testing

  • Tests scheduled months in advance

  • Unlimited test time

  • Frequent testing

  • No scheduling required

Confidence in Recovery

  • Slow manual recovery

  • Lack of innovation

  • Long RPO and RTO

  • Point solutions

  • Manual logbooks

  • Fast automated recovery

  • Modern orchestration

  • Short RPO and RTO

  • Integrated solutions

  • Reporting tools

Secure and Compliant Workloads

  • Physical data transport

  • Off-site tape storage

  • Out-of-date data centers

  • Secure replication offsite

  • Multi-site redundancy

  • World-class data centers

Enable your Business

  • Separate vendors

  • Inflexible vendor terms and pricing

  • Experts in IBM systems

  • Costly and slow to scale

  • Capital expenditure (CAPEX)

  • Managed services provider

  • Customer-first culture

  • Experts in IBM systems

  • Scales easily, economically

  • Operational expenditure (OPEX)

data center 6

Simplify with DRaaS

Simplify and achieve confidence in your disaster recovery implementation with replicated data, frequent testing and use, and an always-ready recovery solution. Stay in a ready-to-recover state and switch from production to recovery when needed. Our customer-first culture and experts with deep experience in disaster recovery and IBM systems will customize your solution to your requirements.

Our equipment, your service

Achieve high availability without capital investment. Your specified Power/Unix, mainframe, and x86 recovery systems are deployed in an isolated environment with strict security controls in your preference of strategically located, reliable, enterprise-grade data centers with unsurpassed technologies to service your critical IT assets. We’ll work with your team to manage infrastructure acquisition and maintenance including data center requirements, hardware acquisition and relocation, software licenses, storage, networking, services personnel and more. You will gain geographic diversity in a business resumption capability, with unprecedented utilization and ROI possibilities.

data center 4
Datacenter Lighting

Compound Strategy to Information Availability and Security

The security and availability of data is the most critical IT resource of any organization. Integrating the best practices from decades of Disaster Recovery experience with cloud adoption subject matter expertise, ZPX Cloud enables DRaaS solutions to play a daily role in multiple mission critical business initiatives such as historical and predicative Business Intelligence insights and Cyber Security analysis.

Transforming Enterprise DR with World-class
Technology Partnerships

We formed industry-leading partnerships to support your diverse IT environments, making hybrid a reality. They are a natural
extension of our team and are tightly integrated with our systems and processes.

The proliferation of hybrid IT environments requires a change in thinking about how to design and deliver enterprise-wide DRaaS solutions. Disaster Recovery ROI must now align with the transformation of digitally diverse production environments to interconnect services, any cloud provider, heterogenous platforms, all while securing business critical data from potential cyber threats.

Transform your DRaaS solution for reliable, repeatable, secure business resumption execution across platforms from the Z/mainframe to the-Cloud while strategically supporting other Information Availability Service initiatives.

Get rid of hot site hassles - talk to our team of IBM and disaster recovery experts