ZPX Cloud is committed to the responsible use of personally identifiable information (“PII”) and to protecting the privacy rights of individuals. ZPX Cloud uses PII to assist its customers, which may include private sector and government customers, to make a reliable identification of individuals, and to help prevent and mitigate identity theft and fraud.
ZPX Cloud accomplishes this goal by comparing identification documents and information provided by individuals with identification information obtained by ZPX Cloud from various third party sources, and by authenticating the legitimacy of the identification documents presented by individuals.
We aspire to protect individuals’ privacy through the design of our products and services and by assuring that our sources of PII are legitimate and reliable. We also strive to promote transparency through our privacy principles and policies.


The ZPX Cloud Data Privacy Principles (“Principles”) address PII which is collected, maintained, used or disclosed by ZPX Cloud in connection with services and products offered by ZPX Cloud.
ZPX Cloud applies these Principles to our domestic U.S. products and services where appropriate. Where our Principles conflict with applicable law, including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (“DPPA”), we comply with applicable law.
ZPX Cloud may, from time to time, revise our Principles by posting changes on our website.


To protect PII from unauthorized access or use, ZPX Cloud has implemented, and we maintain, comprehensive and appropriate administrative, physical, personnel, and technical safeguards.


ZPX Cloud strives to acquire PII from reputable sources in the public and private sectors. To this end, ZPX Cloud takes reasonable steps to assess the reputation and reliability of its data sources before utilizing PII obtained from these sources. Where appropriate, ZPX Cloud also obtains assurances from our data sources that they have the legal right to license or sell the data to ZPX Cloud.
If ZPX Cloud discovers that PII has been used or accessed inappropriately or unlawfully, we take reasonable steps to stop the misuse or access and prevent similar future incidents.


ZPX Cloud requires its customers to use PII provided to them by ZPX Cloud only for identity verification, background screening, and other important anti-fraud and identity theft prevention and mitigation purposes. ZPX Cloud requires that its customers subscribe to the same high level of privacy and security protections as ZPX Cloud.
ZPX Cloud seeks to protect the confidentiality of PII consistent with the nature and sensitivity of the PII, its public record status, and the purpose for which the PII was collected.


ZPX Cloud strives to ensure that the PII we receive from our data sources is accurate, complete, current, and reliable for its intended use. Where ZPX Cloud obtains PII from a public record source, we strive to assure that our record accurately matches the public record.


It is ZPX Cloud policy to retain PII only for that period of time necessary to accomplish ZPX Cloud mission or to otherwise meet legitimate business needs.


ZPX Cloud provides individuals with a central point of contact for their questions about ZPX Cloud, the PII collected by ZPX Cloud, and our commitment to the transparent and responsible use of PII. ZPX Cloud informs individuals about the nature of the public records, nonpublic information, and publicly available information about them that we use in our products and services.


To help ensure compliance with our Principles, ZPX Cloud obtains assessments from qualified, objective, and independent third-parties, which use appropriate procedures to assess ZPX Cloud compliance with these Principles, as well as ZPX Cloud administrative, technical, personnel, and physical safeguards, as appropriate.

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